Reputation & Brand Building

How can I refine and define my brand while creating trust with customers, clients and constituents?
We start by understanding where you stand in the competitive marketplace. What values and attributes do your customers or clients associate with your brand. Then, once we know where you are, we explore how to get to your goal. We’ll craft a customized and personalized messaging strategy — arguments, facts, figures and calls to action — designed to positively impact your reputation with the people who matter most.

Creative Confidence

Why spend millions launching a creative campaign before understanding its impact?
Our Creative Confidence research program will ensure that your marketing or advertising team understands the exact words, phrases, facts, figures, images, and music that grab your audience’s attention… and keep it. Creativity is an art form. Understanding how to optimize it is a science. Our research sets your creative campaign up for success and ensures that the message you intend to deliver is the same message your audience receives.

Custom Lexicon

How do I ensure my message will be impactful and persuasive to my target audience?
The right words at the right time can make all the difference in the world. And it’s equally important to understand the words that DON’T work – the ones that may turn your customers off, sink your reputation, or erode trust in your brand or message. We utilize a proven research-based methodology to craft a messaging blueprint for effective communication – uniquely designed for YOU and YOUR voice.

Pitch & Media Training

How can I ensure my company’s story represents what we truly stand for?
You’ve got an amazing story to tell. But are you narrating effectively? Our team of communication professionals will engage with your key communicators and constituents to uncover the true CONTEXT (what) FEATURES (how) and BENEFITS (why) of your brand, issue or service. And our ‘Story Lab’ exercise has a proven track record of crowd-sourcing the best language from the people who know your business best: your team.

Crisis Management

What’s the best way to respond when my company is going through a crisis?
The unthinkable has occurred. A damning editorial, production delays, unexpected rate changes. How do you maintain your hard earned reputation while assuring the public that you’re still in control? Time is of the essence – which is why our team of communication professionals works quickly and accurately to provide you with the best path forward. Real actions you can institute… real policies you can enact… all designed to allow you to CONTROL the conversation, instead of simply reacting to it.

Pre-Mortem Audit

How can I avoid crises involving my company altogether?
Why spend time playing defense when you can build a preventative communication strategy designed to give you peace of mind? Our team will engage with your executive team to understand the ins-and-outs of your business and then provide an accurate and honest assessment of where your well-oiled machine may see glitches or full breakdowns. Companies that prepare BEFORE a crisis are much more likely to navigate turbulent times successfully and maintain their customers’ respect and trust.

Employee Engagement

How can I increase work satisfaction and build loyalty with my team?
Your employees are the backbone of your company. Their commitment drives you towards success everyday. So how can you return the favor? Our team will engage with yours as an unbiased third-party. Our team of experienced moderators knows how to elicit honest reactions and responses about what your employees want most out of their careers. We’ll craft a step-by-step action and communication plan designed to keep them engaged, fulfilled, and well-served.

Research Methodology

Our comprehensive methodology ensures you have a clear understanding of WHY your target audience responds the way they do, so that you can begin to direct the conversation instead of simply responding to it.

  • In-Depth Listening Groups
  • Language Benchmark Surveys
  • Audience Response Dial Sessions
  • Social Commentary Audit